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    (+44) 01522 522478
    Fax: (+44) 01522 537371
    Office timings 9 am to 5 pm (EST)

Respite Care

This type of care is generally 'short term' for people who are usually looked after by a relative or professional carer at home. It is also for people who are in hospital but require a period of convalescence care following discharge. Respite stays enable those individuals who may live alone to take a break that can be both stimulating and beneficial to them. Equally importantly, respite stays give home-based carers the opportunity to take scheduled holidays or breaks throughout the year. Carers can relax with peace of mind knowing that their relative, friend or patient is in a safe and homely environment with 24-hour care.

Respite stays build a relationship between the individual, Home and staff that can be welcoming and comforting should a more permanent stay in the Home become necessary at some point in the future.

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